Revolutionary infrastructure for building digital board games

digitalize board game free development

Why do you need a digital version?


Mattle is a revolutionary technical infrastructure tailor-made for board games

It allows us to digitalize games super fast without sacrificing quality

Because of that, we achieve 100x cost reduction

- Our Solutions -

You got a physical board game designed

That's the only thing you need - a physical board game.


You send us the rulebook and we build it (FREE)

Simple is that! We DO NOT charge anything for development.


We publish the game on the Mattle platform

We handle all the maintenance work. You only pay for server hosting.


Watch it grow! Enjoy more sales for your physical copies!

Learn more about how Mattle platform can support your growth below.


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Mattle Platform

highlighted features

Online Multiplayers

Connect players over the Internet to compete against each other

Cross Platform

Web, iOS and Android versions all connected to a central server


Players learn about the games by playing against computer A.I.

Discussion Forum

Communicate/Interact with players through public forum

Gaming Utilities

Game-matching system, In-game chatroom, Ratings/Ranking system, etc.

Data Analytics

All game play data are collected for further analysis, e.g. game balancing and strategies

Ads & Sales

Market and sell the physical game copies directly on the game page

- Sample Games -

Story behind Mattle

Designing board games is definitely one of the most satisfying works in life. However, to earn a living with it is simply too hard for individual designers or small companies. From game testing to publishing and merchandising, they all require huge amount of resources.

While we believe physical games are not replaceable by digital counterparts, it doesn't mean software cannot come to assist. Mattle is built to take away the technological barrier and bridge the gap

Being a board game fanatic, computer scientist, software engineer and entrepreneur, I felt the responsibility for taking the lead.

HiuKim Yuen


What do people think?

Thanks so much for bringing this game online where we can enjoy it, learn new strategies, and wreck our friends when we go back and play irl

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Ender @Game Forum

Fantastic free multiplayer version of Splendor, my favorite board game of the past year online, for free, just without any fancy graphics; no ads nor tricks nor asking for personal data nor any other downsides. Even get a screen name and rating for free......

[read origin]

Tom Eigelsbach Play Store review

I tried today and I was impressed! The AI went for all the war cards and I felt a little under pressure. I won in the end because the AI couldn't afford the last war card

[read origin]

Alberto Verduzco @boardgamegeek

This is fascinating. Can you share the raw data? Anonymized to remove references to people......

[read origin]

kberg @Game Forum

I've been playing the HECK outta this and loving it! Great work!

[read origin]

qxface @Game Forum

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  • Free development
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  • Unlimited resources
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Comoparison between publishing on Mattle platform and outsourcing to software agencies
Traditional Software House Mattle
Development Cost > 10,000 (depends on complexities) $0
Development Time > 6 months 1 month
Features minimal (extra cost/time for every additional features) Mattle platform offer a complete set of features out-of-the-box (see above)
Customer Outreach market it yourself existing players base

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